Black Coated Strings

Black Electro-Coated strings by Black Diamond in acoustic, electric and bass strings provide an even longer life to Black Diamond's superior duration. The Electro-Coating technology will protect your strings from hand oils that can cause premature tarnish and wear.


All six strings are coated to give full protection while maintaining excellently balanced and feel. Our Black Electro-Coating eliminates the chance of ugly tarnish especially if you are in a high humidity area or insane acidic content in your hands.  If your other brand ain't cutting it, please give these a try.


What Guitarists say about Black Diamond Strings


"The first impression is that a black string is "out of the ordinary" and thus should stay away from it. These strings look totally different from anything you have ever seen before. I had these strings for a while before I mustered the guts to try them on. Was I blown away after I did put them on! They completely changed the tone of my guitar which was good to begin with but is outstanding now. Life is also excellent as I have had them on for about three months now and they are still ringing. Everyone that sees my guitar with these incredibly ugly black strings wants to have a closer look. Then they strum it and then they want a set."Riggsville Guitar Guy Mountain View, AR.