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#600B  Black Coated Phosphor BronzeOur black coated acoustic strings, provide an even longer life to Black Diamond’s superior duration. The coating will protect your strings from hand oils that can cause premature wear. All six strings are coated to give full protection and a balanced feel.

#600  Phosphor BronzeAccentuated bass and treble frequencies produce a warm and bright sound with more projection.

#754  Acoustic Electric SilverplatedThis is where it all began for Black Diamond. The silver plating creates a smoother sound and makes this the warmest acoustic string in our lineup.

#80/20 Bronze Acoustic. Dynamic mid range with a balanced bass response. The brightest of our acoustic strings. Great for acoustic/electric guitars.

#Resonator Guitar. Working closely with the Bluegrass community, Black Diamond developed this phosphor bronze resonator set with a warm, brilliant, and well-balanced tone. Available in black coated and uncoated.


#477 Nickel Wound. Made with a high-carbon steel hex core and wrapped with USA nickel plated steel, our electric strings provide excellent tonal quality with a high degree of tuning stability.  

#477B Black Coated.  Same core as our traditional 477 set with the addition of a protective black coating on the USA nickel plating. Unlike other coated strings, all six of our strings are coated to produce a balanced feel. 

#300 Chromium Flatwound. The ribbon winding produces a string with warm tone, incredible sustain, and a glass-like feel.


#500 Nickel Wound. Crisp, brilliant sound is what you are looking for while achieving a longer playing life, then our black coated nickel string is your answer. Available in 4 and 5 string versions.

#500B Black Coated. The Black Diamond 500 series for electric bass is engineered to offer unsurpassed quality and sound to the bass player. Available in 4 and 5 string versions. 

#400 Stainless Steel Round wound electric bass strings offer a solid, bright sound with a smooth feel. It is the brightest of our bass strings. Available in 4 and 5 string versions.

#300 Chromium Flatwound. A high-carbon steel hex core wrapped with a chromium steel ribbon winding provides warm punch with a crisp attack.


Advance Copel. The heart of every bluegrass band. A multi-stranded core, advance copel wound string that is deep and durable. Designed for pizzicato, delivers great sustain.


Nickel - Black Diamond banjo strings are designed for today’s discerning players. They are the favorite of banjo players worldwide. 

Silver - This banjo set contains a silver plated round wound 4th. Silver plating creates a set with less tension. Available in loop and ball end.


Phosphor- Created for both traditionalist and today’s modern mandolin players, Black Diamond mandolin strings deliver superior tone and feel. The silver plating creates a smoother sound and makes this the warmest mandolin string in our lineup. Designed for vintage mandolins.


Silver plated wound bass with clear nylon trebles for the mellow classical sound in either loop or ball end.


Designed to exact specifications, Black Diamond ukulele strings are a long lasting favorite with all ukulele players.


Nickel plated, bright and smooth. Black Diamond’s E9th and C6th sets embody the qualities that steel players look for when the slide hits the steel.