Innovative Picks

Why redesign the guitar pick?

Trying to pick or strum a small, smooth piece of plastic in the human hand is not a natural, ergonomic action.  Even advanced players drop picks or find them slipping in-hand during play. Black Diamond Innovative Guitar Picks by Bog Street are ergonomically designed with improved grip and control in mind.

The Axe Series picks have been thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered to maximize comfort and control through our patent-pending ergonomic designs. The grip pattern provides a unique feel and added security to prevent unwanted pick rotation and slippage. The curved form is designed for optimal comfort and the center hole allows contact between the player's index finger and thumb for improved feel and control.

The 3-sided Axe Blade Medium features a .6mm flat tip and two 2mm sharp chisel tips. This pick gives players a standard flat pick with medium flex, and two heavy-weight sharp bevel tip edges for changing up attack without changing picks.