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Focusing on that Vintage Sound. With maximum output, harmonic response, and ultimate flexibility! A specially designed high nickel content alloy for the electrics and high phosphor content for the acoustics, combined with several other components for extra long life, durability, and low fret-wear on your guitar.

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We start by using high-quality core wire and the best U.S.A wrap. The wire is first cryogenically frozen below -320 F, then brought to room temperature. 

Cryogenically treated strings are metallurgically enhanced as the process helps to tighten the structure of the alloy resulting in a reduction of surface roughness and an increase in structural durability. They hold their pitch for a clear sound that can be felt and heard.
Cryogenic strings were introduced in the 1980's. We at Sfarzo Strings improved the process and taken the strings to another level. Our users tell us so too !
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