Daniel Hernandez


Daniel started playing at the age of 16 in his Grandfather's church in West Whittier, CA. Not being satisfied musically and having recently heard Gospel music for the first time, He headed out to L.A. and stopped at the first Afro-American church he could find. Greater Emmanuel Temple was the place in Lynwood, CA. He watched and learned and soon was playing for the church and their choir. During that time he landed gigs with such Gospel names as The Winans, Mighty Clouds of joy, The Hawkins Family, Andrae Crouch, and a live DVD with Alexis Joi. Prince, Morris Day & The Time , Tone-Loc, Madonna, Sheena Easton, Mellow Man Ace, Vanilla Ice, Gerardo, Kid Frost, Louie Louie, Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, Jonathan Mover, Mana', Luis Enrique, Dennis Elliott - Regulars at The Baked Potato Night Club. Also, Alice In Chains and Robin DiMaggio. Motown (Gloria Jones), Warner Bros. (Oscar Fields), Paramount Recording and M.E.G. (Fred Moultrie) were the studios and agents he has worked for. Daniel is currently playing Bass for THE WINEHOUSE EXPERIENCE , HEARTS OF FIRE, THE BAND 3D and Mia Karter & The Hits which consistently has sold out shows.

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