The String That Started It All ™

Black Diamond String Stories


My name is Rick Tindall. I taught myself to play acoustic guitar starting way back in June 1968. My first guitar was purchased for $15.00 at the local Zayre store in Indianapolis. I didn't know anything about guitar strings and the fellow who worked in the music department recommended Black Diamond. My dad bought me a set and it made that cheap little guitar ring! Six months later, just after the Beatles released their White Album in November 1968, I acquired a Harmony Monterey arch-top acoustic. Of course, I bought Black Diamond strings for it. I've experimented with other brands over the years but have always went back to Black Diamond because they just have that certain something that I can't quite put my finger on, but my EARS sure know! I'm 55 now, early retirement due to heart disease, but, by golly, I STILL have that Harmony Monterey, had the neck reset a few years ago. I still put Black Diamond strings on it, and, for a few moments, I close my eyes and when I strum that old guitar and hear those sweet strings, I'm transported back to the late 1960s, and I'm 18 once more. Thank you, Black Diamond, for a consistently reliable product and great, great musical memories! Really and Sincerely, Rick Tindall

Hello and welcome to my story, I had bought a Jackson bass, just an average Jackson concert series. Well being that she is very different than other guitars cause of the paint job they did on her. nothing fancy, just once flat black color with chrome parts. well I wanted to make her special cause she is my first bass I ever had so I went with some bassline pickups, and that made a very huge change in her, but that’s not all of the story, I friend of mine who works at the music store told me about the these strings and they were black just as my Jackson is so I said why not lets go for it and see if there is a difference. well when they put them in her and redid the pickups, the strings on low e gave me a certain sound like no other, my mentor said he never hear something like so he retune it and it was still there, so I thinking that the pickups and these strings are doing something very strange and I love it cause she is not like many anymore, I will never go back to any other strings in my whole life. from till this day, I shall use black diamonds for everything I own from guitars to basses to acoustic guitars. You guys and gals make one hell of a string and it holds a tune for a very long time no need to tune her all the time because she keeps it in and she takes a beaten from black metal style to doom metal styles.. she does her best, these strings really work and well worth the money. thank you BD for making such a great strings. Your fan, Dave Spooker /bass player

I used Black Diamond guitar strings way back in 1942-43 prior to my going into U.S. Navy, At that time I played guitar with a small country western group. I believe nearly all guitar players of that time used Black Diamond strings. I am now 77 years old, still play acoustic guitar, mostly for myself, and small get together. I do play in my church band for our bi-monthly celebration service. Sincerely, Jack Baker

I would bet that you get a lot of “Named” artists telling you how much they love your strings. I thought you might like to hear from just your every day, hard workin’, jook-joint playin’ weekend warrior who truly loves your strings. I have been playing for nearly thirty-five years now and up to a couple of years ago I could have cared less about strings. The cheaper the better. You see, at 6’1 and 320 pounds, I sweat, a lot. So I was changing strings about every two gigs. Something in my body chemistry would cause them to corrode quickly and loose their tone. It really didn’t matter who made them or how much they cost, it was always the same problem. Then, a couple of years ago, my friend Charlie, who owns Brandon Music in Brandon Florida, was stringing his Strat with a set of Black Diamond (black coated nickel wounds). He gave me a set and told me to try them out. I WAS HOOKED. Now all of my working axes are set up with these great strings. We play about twenty weekends a year and these are the most durable, tone holding strings I have ever played. There unusual color gets a lot of attention from other musicians. I must have told a hundred or more players what they are and what I think of them. Thanks for making such a great product.


“BIG” Chuck Westbrook CODE BLUES BAND Tampa, Florida