Our Bass 37 series strings taper at 37.25 inches to fit most long scale basses. Nickel NPS8 feels soft and produces a warm tone, while our Cryogenic -320 are stiffer and brighter and ideal for slap bass. Also available in Black Coated and Cryogenic -320. Bass guitars come in many scale lengths. We measure "speaking length" which is the measurement between where the string ball sits at the bridge measured up to the nut. Fits speaking length 34”-36”

Bass Guitar

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the playability of your last Black Diamond string set, we will replace them guaranteed!



Black Diamond Strings

I have been playing for 40 years, I AM SO BLESSED to have a company that has great, long-lasting strings with consistent sound!. It's not just the strings, but the overall willingness from the company to be helpful. I am so thankful to be in the Black Diamond String Family. Daniel Hernandez


N550M Bass strings

I love these strings. They have great tone with a long life span. Jay N.


Bass Strings

Years of thinking what strings should I try? Maybe it's my amp? A friend gave me a set of Black Diamonds and I was hooked. So I called and got a local Artist Endorsement. Love my tone ❤!! Brandon Katz