Great for fingerstyle playing. Acoustic strings also come with a black coated phosphor bronze for a great look and added protection. Silver-plated copper tension strings have a soft feel, while 80/20 are bright.
Silver-Plated copper wire provides  slightly less tension and easy to press down. A uniquely clean  and crisp tone and excellent for acoustic electric guitars.
Made of 80% copper and 20% zinc, 80/20 Bronze is perfect  for players looking for deep rich basses and bright trebles with  less midrange than you would find in a Phosphor Bronze 92/8.

Acoustic Guitar

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the playability of your last Black Diamond string set, we will replace them guaranteed!




600 Series Strings Bronze

Excellent strings great tone. Definitely would recommend to a friend. Jeremy L


Black Diamond Strings Endorsed Artist

These strings are very smooth, they bring out the true tone that an artist longs to get out of their guitar. The strings have a very nice bottom end which I find great for my style of playing, they also have a nice high and mid response when played up the neck. These strings will fit any genre of acoustical playing. The new out of the package sound lasts longer on these strings than any other I have ever used. They are loud and boomy, people will definitely be asking about them after they hear you play them! You can trust their strength, sound, and flexibility. - Endorsed Artist Brayden Williamson



Just got these strings to try them out and they sound amazing. I definitely will recommend to others. Jim Powell