The String That Started It All ™

Understanding our Black Diamond String Treatments

The technology behind Black Diamonds 92% percent Copper and 8% percent Zinc black coated strings allows for a smoother feeling string with added protection from corrosion and less unwanted overtones. Plus the black string set looks cool on your guitar! Available for electric, acoustic, and mandolin

Cryogenic -320 strings are bathed in liquid nitrogen to -320F.   The process removes residual stresses in the crystalline structure  of the high carbon steel core wire. The result is a wire with  reduced elasticity, longer life, and improved tuning stability

Black Diamond Parabolic Tension strings are designed in two configurations. Low and Medium tensions. We calculate standard acoustic string tensions and reconfigure the diameters of the core and the wrap. In addition, we create a 6 string gauge combination that reduces string tension. 
Essentially, softening the downward pressure which is less stressful on your frets and neck of the guitar which is ideal for players who have fairly expensive acoustic guitars. Medium tension strings for dreadnoughts and low tension for smaller-bodied guitars.

The warmest strings in our acoustic lineup. Black Diamond 2% silver wound strings. These silver-wound strings are silver-plated copper which sound warmer than a phosphor bronze string. Most prefer Phosphor Bronze, however, give them a try and you might like them. A very different feel and sound. Available for fiddle and acoustic guitar

After the manufacturing of our natural uncoated string, the Black Diamond strings are put into a high-pressure spray booth which sprays a micro mist. Our proprietary environmentally safe coating adheres to the outer wound strings, then seeps into the crevices. 
Our treatment not only adds to the life of the strings, but makes for a smoother feel. Although a micro coating, these strings sound natural. Available for electric and acoustic guitar

Our patented Core-Bond two-phase manufactured string. Phase-two is the most important process. The Core-Bond ™️ activation phase is to submerge the string in our proprietary treatment bath that activates the inner bonding and "bonds" the core to the wrap wire. 
The result is longer life, lasting tone, more strength, projection, and output. These are the highest attributes that most guitar players are looking for in a great string. Black Diamond strings is so confident in this new technology, we include a 60-day replacement warranty. Available for electric and acoustic guitar.

Natural Uncoated is exactly that. Our original and natural Black Diamond strings. The core is the pulse of our string. It’s the heartbeat.
We pull our high-carbon steel core to the optimum playing tension on our custom machines before winding premium USA made wrap at 8,000 rpm with 35% braking tension using compressed air spoolers as the tension contoller, vs traditional pullys and weights.
At a -1 wrap pitch, the result is a strings that opens up smoother while still retaining great sustain and volume. Since 1890. A brand you can trust. Available for all of our products.