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Keep your investment clean and looking original 

Keep your investment clean and looking original while removing everyday grime. Reduce drag for a soft velvety feel on the neck while keeping the body looking great with reduced smudging, fingerprints, & overall wear. Developed by finish experts with feedback from luthiers, manufacturers, collectors, & end users.


Black Diamond Strings® CLEAN IT! Instrument Cleaner & Polish comes in a 2oz spray bottle 40-50 applications, and a 16oz touring spray bottle 185 applications ( approxomate applications base on 3-6 pumps per cleaning)


Great for cleaning guitar strings too! You can use it on strings as it is non corrosive. Cleans and protects metal. Will not harm precious metals.


The only maintenance and detail product you should use.

Cleans & Protects -  Less Finish Wear


Safe for all finishes & sheens  -  No greasy build-up; no oils, wax, or harmful silicones -  Reduces static & dust -  Safe for all composites & metals -  Scent free, dye free, & non-staining - Water-based & non-corrosive - Clean, clear, & freeze/thaw stable 

The best way to protect & maintain your fretted instrument

Putting polish over polish multiple times is not a good idea without doing proper cleaning before putting more polish on.  You end up with a buildup of product (polish & grime) and most often a streaky mess... Most other "polishes" do this, especially products containing oils, waxes, and other greasy additives.  A polish may remove scratches and make things more shiny and pretty, however, you must first CLEAN IT! with Black Diamond Strings® CLEAN IT! Instrument Cleaner & Polish to eliminate months of buildup of grime and oils that may harm your instrument.  


Black Diamond Strings® CLEAN IT! Instrument Cleaner & Polish does add a surface protectant that helps keep High Gloss finishes looking their best and minimize new marring without the liability of added abrasives.

Black Diamond Strings® CLEAN IT! Instrument Cleaner & Polish doesn't change the sheen or original look/patina.  It works great on flat, satin, and high gloss sheens. Consider it a maintenance/detail product that cleans and leaves a soft feel that doesn't build up after multiple uses. 

Fine instrument finishes such as nitrocellulose, urethanes, and polyesters should never be dry wiped.  Black Diamond Strings® CLEAN IT! Instrument Cleaner & Polish sprayed into a cloth or onto the finish provides the lubrication needed to prevent scratching from a dry cloth. It cleans to the original finish and adds protection, reducing static cling and dust while removing skin oils (fingerprints/smudging).  The dirt and grime, especially combined with skin oils/sweat, are what degrade finishes over the long haul. 

Black Diamond Strings® CLEAN IT! Instrument Cleaner & Polish  is a clean, simple, effective product.  It's not a rejuvenator or miracle in a bottle.  It's designed to keep an instrument looking as original as possible.  


Instructons: Spray cloth until damp and gently wipe instrument. Safe to use on all finishes, composits, and metals  

Black Diamond Strings® Soft Touch picks are exceptional durability. Unlike traditional picks made of materials like celluloid or nylon, delrin picks do not wear down as quickly. They can withstand heavy playing and prolonged use without losing their shape or integrity. This durability makes Black Diamond Strings® Soft Touch picks a cost-effective for guitarists.


Another notable advantage is their excellent grip. The matte finish and slightly textured surface provide a secure hold allowing guitarists to maintain control and precision while strumming or picking, reducing the chances of accidental slippage.


Known for their versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles. The balanced flexibility of allows guitarists to achieve both smooth strumming and precise picking. Whether you prefer gentle fingerstyle playing or aggressive shredding, they can adapt to your desired technique and deliver consistent results.

Bog Street Innovative picks are the result of many iterations of prototype development. The designs are refined and shaped to achieve three primary objectives: Improved grip security so the user can relax the picking hand to reduce tension and fatigue. Enhanced feel and control for improved articulation of technique. Buy a sampler pack and find your favorite pick!