Ferrell Stowe "Stobro"


Ferrell Stowe "Stobro"

Instrument: Resonator Guitar

String Choice: N780

Ferrell Stowe was the recipient of the 2016 honor of The Gathering of Resonatuers: " In Recognition of His Lifelong Pursuit of Perfection on the Dobro Guitar".

"I am so proud you've chosen me to be one who has the honor of representing Black Diamond strings. The coolest thing is the fact that I absolutely believe they are the best strings I have ever used. That makes it so easy to spread the good word about them. I simply tell the truth!"...."I play hard and use very heavy picks. Black Diamond Resonator Strings allow me to attack with a very heavy right hand and not "pull through" the tone. Volume, tone, sustain intonation and longevity are all that I could ask for in a string."

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