Garrett A. Morgan was born January 19th, 1994, to Mr. Vincent Morgan and Mrs. Dawn Morgan in Charleston, SC. He is a product of the Charleston County Public School District. Garrett found the love of music at a young age, being that his mother nor father had a musical bone he turned to his uncle, Rev. Robert J. Mack , a well known organist and minister of the gospel and they've had a strong bond ever since. With his uncle showing him the ropes, Garrett has came a long way, from small churches to big churches, from small venues to big venues, from tours to studios, and is hoping to still further his music. Thru it all Garrett has trusted and believed in God, Thanking him every day for the gift that he has given him. His influence has been bassists by the name of The Cobin Brothers (Tony and Rico), Verdine White, Eric "Pik Funk" Smith, Terance "BAMPS" Key, Larry Kimpel, and many more. Garrett actually began his music career playing the drums, later the piano, but the bass has been the love of his life. His gift has brought him on the same stage as big name artist, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Vicki Yohe, Kim Burrell, and many more. Now Garrett is playing and has accepted the role as Musical Director for National Recording Artist: Trinity Inspirational Choir and Kama Williams and Divine, and many more to come in the future. Garrett also sponsors and endorsees Pig Hog Cables. Garrett's plan for the future is to teach kids about the importance of music and getting a relationship with God at the same time. Music will never cease to amaze him!!!!

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