400B Electric Nickel Black Coated


" I Purchased the Coated light gauge strings, put them on my new American Strat, and immediately fell in love. They are so silky smooth and compliment my maple fretboard so nicely. They have such a great tone that is present through the bass, middle and treble sound it’s amazing. I was truly impressed by the quality and also impressed by the speedy processing and shipping of my order. I ordered on a Thursday night and they arrived Monday morning. I certainly recommend these to everyone, more people need to feel these and experience them for themselves! "Travis Sabolik

"Tried these on my Godin Artisan St Signature which is a bit brighter sounding than a Strat, and noted an immediate softening of the tone which suits my style a lot. I don't know what these would sound like on a Les Paul or similar guitar, but their sound is perfectly clean and with overdrive nice and fat. Going to be my string of choice for my electrics from now on." Jon O.

The technology behind Black Diamonds Nickel Black Coated strings allows for a smoother feeling string with added protection for our NPS8 wire against acidic content from your fingers eating away at the wrap wire and less unwanted overtones.   Black coated care instructions

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