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#600  Phosphor BronzeAccentuated bass and treble frequencies produce a warm and bright sound with more projection.

Black Diamond acoustic guitar strings accentuate the bass and treble frequencies producing a warm, bright sound with more projection. Four types of acoustic sets are available. Phosphor bronze wound/plain steel sets, black coated phosphor bronze/plain steel sets and a folk set of brass (80/20 bronze) wound/black nylon plain strings. Twelve strings sets come in a silverplated wound set and a brass (80/20 bronze) wound set. The black coated strings offer an even longer life to Black Diamond’s superior duration. The coating will protect your strings from hand oils that can cause premature wear. They allow musicians to play three to four times longer. You will see the wear on the strings which is an indicator of when to replace them. All six strings are coated to give full protection and a balanced feel.

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