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ADAM BLACKSTONE  ( left ) on Black Diamond N550M Nickel Bass

 On TV, radio or at a live concert at your favorite stadium, the Adam Blackstone sound has certainly permeated your eardrums. Blackstone is not only a multi-faceted bass player, musician, Emmy nominated Music Director and Grammy award winning writer, he is the musical mastermind behind the live shows of many of today’s biggest artists.

He has served as the Musical Director for acts such as Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Maroon 5, Eminem and recently he cultivated the live 20/20 Experience and Super Bowl 52 Halftime Show alongside Justin Timberlake. With each new endeavor these artists become family and fall in love with Blackstone’s easy demeanor and standard for excellence. Blackstone’s TV legacy continues to expand as Music Director and On-screen personality. His expertise has has shaped todays biggest shows, including the Oscars, NBC’s “The Voice,” the Grammy Awards, numerous BET, VH1 and MTV specials and as the Music Director for The hit Fox show “The Four.”


The Crabgrass Cowboys - Hapi McKenzie and Patty Pfister and The Crabgrass Cowboys prefer Black Diamond Strings. They are packaged for freshness, last longer with a wonderful sound, and don't wimp out whether we're in the studio recording our new CD, playing the outdoor festivals in the heat and humidity or inside a concert hall. 


FICTION SYXX released their debut, "TALL DARK SECRETS", which was released via MELODIC ROCK RECORDS and was well received worldwide in 2017. MARK ALLEN LANOUE (Chasing karma/Biloxi/Persian Risk), Tony "The Fretless Monster" Franklin (Kenny Wayne Shepard/The Firm/Blue Murder), JK Northrup (King Kobra/XYZ), Eric Ragno (Joel Lynn Turner/Graham Bonnet), and Rory Faciane came together to create a Smoking release. 

Kyle Jarvis IIIrd generation - Kyle Jarvis grew up listening to traditional country and bluegrass such as Keith Whitley, George Jones, Jimmy Martin, and JD Crowe. Kyle is very personable with fans! He just loves the music and the people. Kyle has put together a great group and they compliment each other!  they are looking to perform at different venues throughout the country!!  





Shawn Cavanaugh Shawn is an award winning pro bassist based in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Shawn has released several solo and full band records under his own name (Shawn Cav) as well as recorded for several other performers. Shawn has an extensive amount of live performance experience from performing at legendary venues such as The Stone Pony to doing east coast tours with lots of different musical acts. You can see where Shawn will be performing next by following his bandsintown page or twitter/instagram pages : @shawncavbass. 



John Seda-THE PRODUCER- Founder of the digital music distribution site. John Seda and his Rising Sun Music recording studios in Tampa Florida, have proven experience gained over more than 30 years. John has worked for a long and unwavering career in music, including roles as a performer, songwriter, producer, audio engineer, sound engineer, and more. He has collaborated with Grammy, Gold, Platinum, and Hall of Fame recipients and generated soundtrack credits seen on Bright House, Cablevision, Cox, Time Warner and many more. John Seda is endorsed by Black Diamond Strings and Cubase Pro and all Steinberg products. More about John 


Ben O’Neill, guitarist with John Legend and Jill Scott and long time Black Diamond String endorser.


Wimberley Bluegrass Band is comprised entirely of four siblings based in Southern California! They provide fun and wholesome musical entertainment, and strive to keep the traditional sounds of bluegrass music alive and well by taking it to new audiences. Danielle Wimberley plays the mandolin, James Wimberley plays banjo, Mark Wimberley, his twin, plays guitar, and Michael Wimberley plays the fiddle. They all sing, with Michael usually taking the lead and the others singing that tight harmony unique to family groups. They are honored to be endorsing artists with some great companies: Weber Mandolin Company, Deering Banjo Company, Black Diamond Strings, L.R. Baggs acoustic pickups, and G&H Plugs.



John Hunt - Born and raised in one of Southern Maryland's most rural areas. With a blood line that stretches back (on the very same soil) a half dozen generations is no stranger to hard times, sore backs and blistered hands. John Hunt and his "OldLine Co." make this uniquely and unmistakably evident in the music they play whether it be full band or solo acoustic. 


 The Singing Preacher Lewisburg, Penna"I highly recommend medium gauge silver plated Black Diamond strings. I have been using them since I was 18 years old and I will be 77 shortly. I have tried other brands but have found Black Diamond to be my choice over others. The price is reasonable and worth the cost."

"I bought several random sets of strings for my dread because I have not found a 'go-to' brand of strings yet. I like Elixirs, but not enough to continually pay $15/set for. Ernie Balls (my electric go-to brand) on acoustic sound too brassy for my tastes. Of all the random sets I bought, these were far and above the best sounding (to my ear), and still 2/3 the cost of Elixirs. They sound very stringy, light and airy. A kind of shimmery-vocal sound, not harsh and nasty like phosphor bronzes. Plenty of projection. Eventually, the set I had broke, and I a set of Elixirs laying around, so I put them back on. I was disappointed with the Elixirs. So, I'm sold on these strings now." Pscheoverdrive MD

"Give these a try, you may love'em! Seem to be well made strings. Black Diamond is reborn and seems to be doing a great job with this string. I've only played one set but love them. The Black color and feel is unique but becomes really nice after awhile. the coating will wear off in time, but it helps the string last much longer and even it the coating wears off where the pick hits the strings, no big deal for me, the string still sounds good. I have 3 Martin Vintage Reissues, a 1995 Golden Era D18, one of 250 which is what I have used the BDs on and love the sound and feel. I plan on putting them on my HD28 LSV next. Both of these guitars are cannons!! "Sharpsound TN


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