Electric Black Coated Nickel

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Same core as our traditional 477 set with the addition of a protective black coating on the USA nickel plating. Unlike other coated strings, all six of our strings are coated to produce a balanced feel.

Made with a high-carbon steel hex core and wrapped with USA nickelplated steel, these electric strings provide excellent tonal quality with a high degree of tuning stability. The black coated strings are the same strings with a protective black coating on all six strings to maintain a balanced tone. The flatwound electric strings are made with a chromium ribbon winding producing a string with a warm tone, incredible sustain, and a glass-like feel. A pleased customer of the chromium flatwound strings says, “The best ever. I use them on my $20,000 Hamer Improv. I've taught at Berklee College of Music for over 35 year and I love the tone, feel and the life of these strings.” Another says of the nickleplated steel set, “I love these Black Diamond Nickel wound strings! From blues to shred to full chording they are the best I have used on my Gibson SG and the best I have used in my 40 years of playing guitar!.” An experienced professional states, “Bingo - all my tone is back, nice strings….flexible bending and great sound. They sound good with gain but really, really shine on cleans, getting a nice woody sound in the middle position. Great note definition and in the bridge.

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4.25 (in)
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