Nashville Bluegrass Country Nickel Infused NEW

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Unbelievably Different

The Nashville Bronze series was developed with the sound of the 50s and 60s in mind. The significant difference which makes these strings sound similar in tone to this era is our blend of Nickel and Copper vs your standard Phosphor Bronze 92/8 or 80/20 Bronze. 


The Nashville Bronze does not look like your typical bronze string.


These strings are excellent for very expensive guitars. Our team of winders use a parabolic assembly construction on the core and wrap wire to lessen the tension applied to the neck of your guitar.


If you play as we do, you understand the frustration when a set of strings begins to tarnish and corrode. Our Nickel / Copper structure produces a corrosive-resistant string without any additional treatments or coatings, this is thanks to the Nickel infusion!

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