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If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the playability of your last Black Diamond string set, we will replace them guaranteed!

Now with VCI, Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor prevents moisture and environmental elements from reacting with metal surfaces.  VCI compounds fill the sealed air space in our new easy open flow pack, providing an added layer of corrosion protection. Our proprietary construction  starts with high-carbon steel core wire pulled to optimum playing tension and wound with  selected high-grade wrap wire. Our core to wrap ratio, pitch and tension controllers, produce what we feel  makes for the perfect string design


Great service and products

I love this brand. The strings are of great quality and sound and the service is supreme. Hagit

Product review

Purchased the Coated light gauge strings, put them on my new American Strat, and immediately fell in love. They are so silky smooth and compliment my maple fretboard so nicely. They have such a great tone that is present through the bass, middle and treble sounds it’s amazing. I was truly impressed by the quality and also impressed by the speedy processing and shipping of my order. I ordered on a Thursday night and they arrived Monday morning. I certainly recommend these to everyone, more people need to feel these and experience them for themselves! - Travis Sabolik