400 Electric Natural Nickel NPS8

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"Yes, I am endorsed by this great company, but only after I bought several sets and used them. I used to be a long time user of strings in a pink package, but no more. These strings stay in tune, they had a minimal stretching period, are consistent over time and over the guitars I've put them on: Telecaster, Flying V or Les Paul. They last and sound great. Even if I weren't endorsed by Black Diamond, I'd still be a user for life."Endorsed Artist - Matt Smith

Natural Uncoated is exactly that. Our original and natural Black Diamond strings. The core is the pulse of our string. It’s the heartbeat. We pull our high-carbon steel core to the optimum playing tension on our custom-made machines before winding the wrap at 8,000 rpm with 35% braking tension while at a -1 pitch. This produces a string that opens up smoother while still retaining great sustain and volume. Since 1890

What is Custom Shop? Custom Shop strings are string sets that have been requested by our users. These are not standard production models sold through our dealers and can only be purchased directly through this site. When the demand becomes more frequent, the models may be added to our standard catalog. 

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