400 Electric Natural Nickel NPS8


"Yes, I am endorsed by this great company, but only after I bought several sets and used them. I used to be a long time user of strings in a pink package, but no more. These strings stay in tune, they had a minimal stretching period, are consistent over time and over the guitars I've put them on: Telecaster, Flying V or Les Paul. They last and sound great. Even if I weren't endorsed by Black Diamond, I'd still be a user for life."Endorsed Artist - Matt Smith

Natural Uncoated is exactly that. Our original and natural Black Diamond strings. The core is the pulse of our string. It’s the heartbeat. We pull our high-carbon steel core to the optimum playing tension on our custom-made machines before winding the wrap at 8,000 rpm with 35% braking tension while at a -1 pitch. This produces a string that opens up smoother while still retaining great sustain and volume. Since 1890
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