730 Series Banjo Nickel NPS8


"I’ve had the same Black Diamond Strings on my banjo since October 5th of 2020! So it’s been well over a year, I changed them the day I got my Dotson bridge. They still sound amazing and have great tone. Be sure to visit BlackDiamondStrings.com for the best quality of string, and acousticbox.com for all your banjo accessories and parts! " Brayden Williamson

Natural Uncoated is exactly that. Our original and natural Black Diamond strings. The core is the pulse of our string. It’s the heartbeat. We pull our high-carbon steel core to the optimum playing tension on our custom-made machines before winding the wrap at 8,000 rpm with 35% braking tension while at a -1 pitch. This produces a string that opens up smoother while still retaining great sustain and volume. Since 1890

"If you pick hard - these hold tune, don't easily break, and are of good consistent quality. I have tried a number of brands of strings and I always come back to the Black Diamond mediums."Bruce W.

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