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780B Resonator Guitar Phosphor Black Coated


Black Diamond Strings® has crafted a truly unique phosphor bronze resonator string set – specifically designed to bring out the best of Bluegrass music. With 92% copper and 8% tin, this alloy generates deep bass tones alongside warm mids for a well-rounded sound perfect for fingerstyle playing.


Also available in Natural NON COATED 92/8 Phosphor Bronze. Select

N780 Resonator Guitar Natural Phosphor Bronze Wound .016P.018P.028PBB.036PBB.046PBB.056PBB

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780B Resonator Guitar Phosphor Black Coated

Black Diamond Strings® Phosphor Bronze Strings are renowned for delivering a vibrant, full-bodied sound. Crafted from 92% copper and 8% tin, they offer an incomparable mix of warm tones along with deep resonant bass and crystal clear midrange clarity. Phosphor Bronze strings are perfect for fingerstyle players adding textures and dynamic tones to your musical landscape.

Black Diamond Strings® offer unparalleled longevity, thanks to a protective coating that fends off premature wear caused by hand oils. With this added protection comes the ability for musicians to get up to three or four times more playing time out of their instrument – and easy-to-spot signs when it's finally time to replace them! For maximum coverage, every single one of the six strings is equipped with an even coat; ensuring consistent feel across your instrument.

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