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Alloy5109 Acoustic Strings - For Heavy Rock


ALLOY5109 - Responsive and sweet. Using a newly developed alloy for electric guitar use, these strings have greater than ever magnetic properties thereby increasing their tone, sustain, and projection. Also, the proportion of winding to core size has been increased which ups the string vibration without lowering the output. Each set undergoes excellent quality control, so you can be assured of string reliability and consistency each time you purchase a set of Alloy 5109 strings.

“I have used Alloy 5109’s Phosphor Bronze Acoustics on all my guitars for years since my guitar tutor recommended them to me as a teenager. I love them, great price, cool branding, never break, sound awesome, great for bends”.
– Asko Kavala

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Alloy5109 Acoustic Strings - For Heavy Rock

Get ready for unparalleled tone, sustain and projection with Black Diamond Strings® Alloy 5109 strings. Incorporating a new alloy designed specifically for acoustic guitar use, these strings provide wave-like vibrations at an increased output level - all without sacrificing quality! The manufacturing process guarantees reliability each time you purchase this set of string; truly imbuing your instrument's soundscape with loveable sweetness that lasts.

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