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Black Diamond (6 Pack) Plain Steel Ball End

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Black Diamond Strings® (6 Pack) Plain Steel Ball End – Original Black Diamond Singles

The core wire is the pulse of Black Diamond Strings®. It’s the heartbeat. We pull our high-carbon steel core to the optimum playing tension producing a string that opens up smoother and holds its tone longer.

Natural Uncoated Black Diamond Strings® deliver the perfect sound to any performance. Our finely tuned high carbon steel core creates a consistent pulse, complemented by winding premium USA made wrap wire at 8,000 rpm with a -1 wrap pitch for maximum tension control. All delivered by our proprietary compressed air spoolers. The result is smooth resonance and an exceptional sustain that will bring your audience alive!

Black Diamond Strings® sets the bar for an uncompromising fullness of sound and tension that lasts, giving each string its signature tone.

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