730 Banjo Nickel Black Coated


The technology behind Black Diamonds NPS8 nickel black coated strings allows for a smoother feeling string with added protection from corrosion and less unwanted overtones. Plus the black string set looks cool on your Banjo!

"Reliable, sound great, and look great!
I used to use Earl Scruggs medium gauge strings until they were discontinued. I tried a few others and have settled on these black coated Black Diamond strings, both because they sound and feel great and also because they look great on my banjo with its black hardware. They seem to last a long time. I'm happy again! " By Bill F.
Albany, NY

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This highest-quality set of Black Coated banjo strings comes in its own individual flip top box. The special process of Black Coating protects the strings from hand oils and environmental decay.

4.25 (in)
4.25 (in)
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