Acoustic Guitar



From a happy Black Diamond strings user: 

I got the strings you sent me and a complementary set of same. Thanks for that! I had a set of another brand phosphor bronze on my guitar, and even though they sounded very nice and I'd just put them on, I took them off and put on the Black Diamond phosphor bronze. Well, the Black Diamond blows the other brand away, as far as the fantastic "feel", "play-ability" and tone: I know: all subjective stuff, but to me, that makes ALL the difference between strings. And the fact that with the Black Diamond strings on my guitar, I just want to constantly keep picking-it-up and playing, it sounds so great!

The "feel" is a weird one, I don't know if it's the finish you put on the strings or something else, but they feel like silk and my fingers seem to glide on the strings. I've only found that with one other string-brand, yet his strings don't have the sweet, round tone than yours have.

The Black Diamonds have a "round-ness" to the tone that is similar to what I like about the sound of round-core strings I've tried. Your strings are also amazingly dynamic and musically touch-sensitive. I put a set of your nickel-steel strings on both my electric guitars and it's the same thing: it makes the guitar sound great and inspires me to play more!

Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful strings, and hoping that Black Diamond strings will be around forever. Yours, Stevie.