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Pedal Steel Nickel C6 - E9


The Black Diamond Strings® family wouldn’t be complete without our legendary Bluegrass Series.

Get the classic country style sound with Black Diamond Strings®' Bluegrass Series - Pedal Steel Nickel Strings! Perfect for those looking to create a distinct twang on their pedal steel, banjo, mandolin, and resonator instruments.


As the preferred strings of pedal steel players globally, Black Diamond Strings® brings modern innovation and exceptional playability to every performance. With a design that meets even the most discerning player's needs, these top-of-the line strings provide an unmatched level of quality in sound production.

"I absolutely love the strings. The tone domestic vary and we play in all types of elements like the indoor places that are 85 to outdoor places that are 40. I don’t have breakage issues at all. We tour every week all year long. Thanks again for making a great product!  I’m not a tender player, if I’m groovin then I’m grabbing those strings with pretty good force. So they get put through the paces.


Give my special gauge set a try.  #740L. Full surround. I prefer a little deeper, fuller tone. I can achieve by using a slight change in gauges. Plus it feels more comfortable to my hands. Jim STEELIN1 Heep / The Bellamy Brothers

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Pedal Steel Nickel C6 - E9

Black Diamond Strings® Pedal Steel Nickel Strings are carefully crafted with passion and precision. A high-carbon steel core wire is pulled to optimum playing tension, then wound with high-grade wrap wire. The specially designed ratio of these two elements combined with pitch and tension controllers creates an exquisite string design - one that we humbly believe produces perfect sound every time it's played!

4.25 (in)
4.25 (in)
0.25 (in)